Polypropylene Lab Equipment

Polypropylene Hoods, Casework & Equipment

PFH Series PVE Series MWPS Series CSE Series
PFH Series Polypropylene Fume Hoods  PVE Series
Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations
 MWPS Series
Modular Wet Process Station
 CSE Series
Polypropylene Labs – Casework, Cabinets, Tables


POLYPROPYLENE Specialty Equipment (call for details)  


Carboys – 5 gal, 10 gal, 5 gal – mobile, includes handle. Polypropylene or flame retardant polypropylene construction. Leak tested. Also available with liquid level sensor.

Quartz TanksQuartz Tanks
High Temperature Quartz Baths – for resist stripping, RCA cleans & silicon nitride etch.

cascade rinse tankCascade Rinse Tank

Accommodates wafer cassettes, Two top spray bars, Bottom fill ports, Bottom dump door with O-ring, Teflon valves with flexible tubing.

scrubbersScrubbers (acid)

Compact vertical unit designed to be installed directly above an individual hood or equipment.

temperature control regulatorsTemperature Controlled Circulators
Control temperature in filtered etch modules and other types of chemical tanks.

quick dump rinserQuick Dump Rinser
Quick Dump Rinser is designed with top adjustable spray rails, external bottom fill rails, and a larger dump door allowing it to dump in seconds.

hot platesHot Plates

Hot plates offer precise stirring control, exceptional safety, and superior temperature performance for your routine protocols.

bottle cartsBottle Carts
Bottle Carts are indispensable in active work areas where a handy and safe means for transporting bottled chemicals is required.

work tablesWork Tables
Custom configured polypropylene work tables.