Why Polypropylene


Painted and Stainless Steel can scratch or chip, which may lead to corrosion or rusting. LM Air’s Polypropylene Lab Equipment will not rust or corrode; constructed of ½” white stress-relieved polypropylene, a highly corrosive resistant and extremely durable thermoplastic. Polypropylene is resistant to most acids, solvents & other liquids. LM Air’s polypropylene products are heat seam welded for added strength; include our V-grooving fabrication process, which provides exceptional strength and a smooth, clean edge. All polypropylene equipment include stiffeners / support for added strength, allowing our base cabinets to comply with the stringent requirements of SEFA 8P. Base cabinets and work surfaces are leak tight, with spill containment.


Polypropylene hinges, handles, screws, faucets, leg levelers, rope sash supports, airfoils, sinks / cup sinks, removable access panels, drawers & guides, shelves, exhaust ducts, work surfaces, etc. are included – metal free.


Polypropylene has high temperature and tensile strength, is stain resistant, with low moisture absorption properties; the ONLY choice for long-lasting, corrosive resistant / metal free applications – constructed to last. We also offer both UL94VO & FM4910 flame retardant Polypropylene and CPVC construction for all our Lab Equipment, based on customer requirements.

 Poly Air Foil, Handles, Hinges, Vent Holes, Sink, Faucet, P-Trap drain, fixtures, Poly Sash Rope, Access Panel